ICU Ventilator
  • Dual screen display,easy operation and monitoring
  • Dual-mode drive: pneumatic and turbine options offer flexibility and efficiency
  • High-performance neonate module at tidal volume of 2ml
  • Comprehensive assessment with esophageal & gastric pressure measurements
  • AVM and AiS-cycle automatically calculates and adjustment throughout the process
  • Elegant in Design
    The ventilator features an elegant design that combines functionality with aesthetics. Its dual screen display enables easy operation and monitoring, while the selectable display content allows customization based on individual preferences. With a compact design and handles for mobility, it offers high mobility for in-hospital transport. The dual-mode drive, with pneumatic and turbine options, adds versatility and efficiency.
  • State-of-the-art Technology
    VK600 offers versatile modes, including invasive, non-invasive, and HFNC, providing optimal treatment options for various respiratory conditions. It is specifically designed for neonatal patients with an ultra-low volume of 2ml, ensuring their safety and well-being. The ventilator also features comprehensive assessment capabilities through esophageal and gastric pressure measurements, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions and customize settings for better treatment outcomes.
  • Superb User Experience
    Experience a superb user experience with our ventilator,prioritizing convenience and efficiency. With a powerful core, healthcare professionals can focus on patient care without interruptions. Equipped with an paramagnetic oxygen sensor, VK600 simplifies maintenance. Intelligent features like AVM and AiS-cycle automatically adjust ventilation parameters. The smart navigation VK compass streamlines workflow, allowing professionals to allocate more time to patient care.
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